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         One Oak Farm Paint & Quarter Horses


"Burning Daylight"                              "Let's Ride

What a beautiful world our Lord has made, let us rejoice in it!! To have been allowed tocollage.jpg (72721 bytes) experience His creation with one of his most majestic animals is truly a gift from heaven.         

Our family trail rides as often as possible. We have had the opportunity to observe breath taking views and see illusive wildlife in natural surroundings. Spending time together on the trail has enriched our lives.

We have also been privileged to meet wonderful "horse people," who like ourselves, enjoy camping and horseback riding. Some of these people have become life long friends and others will always be a part of our cherished memories.  A price cannot be placed on this type of fellowship. Let us never forget from where our blessings flow and that we are the "caretakers" of this Great Land! Saddle up your horse and hit the trail. Take a child or friend along. See what is waiting for you in the Great Outdoors.